Monday, 2 April 2012


Another weekend has flown by, here are some snippets of what we've been up to.
I promise this blog isn't going to be all Ironwood and Eaglesmith. It's consuming our lives at the moment, so there's not much else to write about I'm afraid. 
We spent Friday and Saturday organising the gallery. On Sunday we ventured to a local clearance sale at a local engineers workshop. We found some amazing pieces to add to the gallery. Tomorrow we're off to Horsham to pick up a special little truck for I & E. He's very cute, and yes Uncle Warwick... he's a Bedford, a 1953 TA. We're loyal around these parts.
The business cards have arrived and are looking suitably old school. 
Our shop counter has been designed and is waiting to be built. I'm using my old set of drawers to hold stationery and my roll of brown paper fits the paper dispenser perfectly. 
I'm slowly getting around to photographing all of our vintage curiosities. Many of which will be for sale when we open. 
Samuel has been restoring some beautiful vintage axes and making leather sheaths for their shiny sharp heads. 
So that's about all around these parts.
I'm very excited that it's Easter this weekend. I'm by no means religious, but I do love an excuse to bake delicious treats. We'll be making hot cross buns and maybe some marshmallows too.
April is upon us, which I'm trying to get my head around. How the months just fly by. Huckle is two at the end of the month and in about six weeks we'll be joined by a sweet new babe!
Oh my, there is so much to do before then!
Have a gorgeous week. x

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