Wednesday, 4 April 2012

yesterday's adventures...

We drove for five or so hours. 
To a place somewhere south of Horsham. 
Serious countryside. 
Farms of sheep and wheat for miles and miles. 
The magnificent Grampians creating a most dramatic backdrop.
We stopped in Ballarat for a picnic lunch and play. What a cute town!
We arrived at Cleve's place to a welcome of tea and club sandwiches.
Huckle discovered tractors, woodpiles, chickens, feathers and much more.
The day grew late, we parked our new truck on the trailer and drove off home away from the sunset.
Weary eyed we snuggled into bed at some time past midnight.
Today we are tired and trying to catch up on all that needs doing.
What adventures have you had lately? 
Are they of the middle of nowhere, vintage truck collecting kind?

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CurlyPops said...

I love it up that way. I went to Ballarat for a little op shopping/day out adventure last week (but I didn't come home with a truck)!