Thursday, 6 September 2012


How wonderful it is to go adventuring.
It is especially wonderful when you happen upon hectares of daffodils!
We found these pretties on our way to Mt Worth.
Can you imagine my squeals of delight?
What's happening in your world today?
We're pottering about at home. Trying oh so hard to tick at least one thing off the never ending list.
Perhaps building a block city or two and I'm contemplating cooking fish pie for dinner. We'll see if that goes to plan or not... we might end up having omelette. 
One can never plan too far ahead with small children. They often have other plans. Ha ha.

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teddybearswednesday said...

How glorious!!!
Today I feel like I've gotten out of bed the wrong way, i'm a bit of mental, thin skinned over emotional , cry at silly things case.
you know those days? xo