Friday, 7 September 2012

exploring :: south gippsland railway...

Father's Day snuck up on me and I hadn't made any plans for this wonderful Dada. 
I asked Huckle what we should do for "Happy Dada Day" and he muttered something about a train and fried rice. Hmmm. I said I'd see what I could do.
It was rather serendipitous then, that at a toilet stop on our way home the day before I noticed a sign for the South Gippsland Tourist Railway. Bingo!
Some sneaky research that night and I had me a plan.
We had such fun watching the countryside roll by. We saw wallabies, crazy train chasing dogs, waterfalls and endless rolling green.
I love adventuring with my boys.
If you're ever in our neigbourhood, I strongly recommend it. Jump on at Korumburra and hop off at Loch for a few hours fossicking through the antique stores, then catch the little blue wonder back again in the afternoon.

Have you caught a cute train lately?
What marvelous adventures do you have planned for the weekend?

Happy weekend folks.

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bec said...

Cute, Arlo and dad have the same chin! Huckle's such a mix of both of you, though. looks like a great day!