Thursday, 13 September 2012

days like today...

Today was one of those days. 
The toddler questions (times infinity) made my head want to explode, the house in a state of total chaos, Huckle decided to play with his wee (and wash his cars in it!) and the misery that is winter weather knocked upon our door once again.
Mostly I let it wash over me, but I am grateful that now the kidlets are asleep and the house is quiet. Aaah, to hear my own thoughts once more.
I try not to put too many expectations on days like this. We do the basics and anything else is a bonus.
Thankfully, Arlo loves to sleep. That makes things that little bit easier. 
While Arlo had his morning nap, I managed the will power to take Huckle out to collect the eggs... in the rain! I really don't like getting wet. 
We released the broody black Hattie hen from solitary confinement, fed the ducks and chatted to the ever curious cows over the fence.
We came in cold and wet, but quite refreshed and a whole lot calmer.

So, tell me... 
How do you deal with those days?
And why, oh why must toddlers play with their wee?!?! Ick!


Susan said...

at least it wasn't poo!! Don't you just love having cows over the back fence? It always makes me happy when the visit!

Christina Lowry said...

Oh Kitty, I was only thinking this morning that it seems like a drunk man keeps using our toilet, then I remember that it is in fact Cohen, who now stands up to wee. (Better Huckle play with his wee than his poo though!)

I was worried that this was going to be one of 'those' weeks, as Dave has been away for work. Thankfully things have run smoothly. But I have had my fair share of 'those' days too. I tend to ring my sister and complain to her and then feel much better! Getting outside is a great idea. It's a proven way to enhance your mood.

And then on days like that, come nightfall, you really must pour yourself a glass of wine and know that you will probably have a better day tomorrow. :)

Unknown said...

Hahaha! Toddlers are crazy, although Hazel sits on the loo to wee, she uses the potty for poo.
The other day a poo seemed to escape the potty and I stood in it with my sock and stamped it all over the place before I realised.
One time when Leo was little he ate his poo and mashed it between his fingers and toes, be thankful you haven't had that scenario!