Wednesday, 12 September 2012

spring sun and other things...

We've been enjoying the spring sun this week. 
Which really translates to... lolling about in the garden, while dishes stack high and laundry overflows, crumbs collect and the floor disappears beneath a sea of toys.
But it's raining again now, winter is revisiting until the week is out. 
Spring, you terrible flirt.
So, if you're looking for me and my merry men, we shall be straightening out this wonky house. 
A spring clean, if you like.

The only part of our house that is neat! 
Our two bikkie jar coin collectors. 
Mr Tooffin Chat (pussy cat in Hucklish) collects silver and Mr Ulnant (elephant) collects gold.

I hope your week is just lovely.
Have you been soaking up the spring sun?
Is your house wonky too?
Where do you keep your spare change?

Ta ta!


Megan said...

Those are very cute biscuit/coin jars! At our house we have a terracotta money pot for our gold which needs breaking to open - enforced savings to buy something nice for the house! And the silver goes into a pretty snowflake tin I picked up at a second hand shop.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love your coin collection/cookie jars!! Adorable blog and bubbies :)