Wednesday, 26 September 2012

spring feeling...

The sun shone today. It was glorious. 

It's still quite cool around these parts, so when sunny days come a knockin we dance the merry jig of happiness. 
I feel a sense of renewal. Like my mind is in spring mode as well. Perhaps I am emerging from the baby haze, everything is feeling just that bit easier to deal with.

Little rituals that I have been wanting to implement are finally becoming a habit. Flowers are finding their way from the garden to the table and we've been lighting a candle at the dinner table every night. 
I'm also trying to keep the clutter off the table. What is it with horizontal surfaces? 
I'm on a witch hunt to clear out the clutter. We have so much stuff. Toys that don't get played with, clothes that aren't ever worn... so much. I took six bags full to the Vinnies bin today. I'm on a roll... hide your treasures husband! {insert wicked witch cackle here}

Bread is being baked again. I had a bit of a failure with my sourdough... let's just say it got very sick and is no longer with us... ok! I forgot to feed it. I'm building up the courage to start again. I feel so defeated. So we're sticking to my old faithful recipe until I get a new starter fermenting. 
Huckle is enjoying the responsibility that comes with having his own little lump of dough. Mixing and prodding {luckily the dough is very forgiving}, watching me plait it, putting it in the oven and then finally getting to eat it. Slathered in butter and jam of course. Yum.

Are you in spring mode too?
Are there flowers on your table and bread in your oven?
Go on, it will make you happy.

Have a glorious week. x

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Christina Lowry said...

Yes! Me too! I've been treating myself to flowers each week after the groceries are done. I've been planting flowering plants in the garden in the hope of having some cut flowers eventually. And after not making bread for a little while, I got back in the saddle on the weekend by making some bread rolls.

Hope you get some more sunshine soon my dear! xx