Saturday, 3 November 2012

using the egg bounty...

We only have two chooks and one duck at the moment. They are such good layers, at times it feels we have ten birds. I'm quite good at using the eggs regularly, but occasionally they bank up and the cartons begin to overflow. This is when I have to think out of the box of cakes, pikelets and omelettes for something different.

I took two duck eggs last week and made mayonnaise with the yolks and meringues with the whites (no photo evidence of those... they *mysteriously* disappeared).
I modified the recipe from The Real Food Companion to accommodate the large duck yolks, by increasing the oil to 300ml and using a generous two teaspoons for the mustard, vinegar and lemon juice. I didn't have any white wine vinegar, so I substituted red wine vinegar instead.

Verdict? Absolutely delicious! I have taken a solemn vow to never buy mayonnaise ever again.
Added bonus number one... my forearms will become super strong from all that whisking.
Added bonus number two... this jar cost me approximately $1 to make. That's a saving of at least $4!

Have you made mayonnaise before?
Do it. Yum-oh.

Happy weekend folks!


Zara said...

Look at the variety in the eggs.
I am yet to make mayo though I've wanted to give it a try for a while.

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

I've never been brave enough to make Mayonnaise but you've enticed me to give it a go. How long does it last when it's homemade? Does it keep well?