Wednesday, 19 December 2012

feathers, twigs and twine...

As we walked through the park, we heard the screeches of cockatoos. Flying about like hooligans, they appeared to be having a marvelous time. We stopped under the shade of a patch of gum trees and discovered a carpet of fallen feathers. Little hands grasped them one by one and soon they were stuffed into Mama's purse. There was talk of a mobile and twigs were promptly gathered for the grand construction.
On our arrival home, we sat on the balcony. A patient little boy helped me to snip and tie.
And then we hung our creation above our potted herbs on the balcony.

In the evening after he had gone to bed, I sat out with my beloved and watched those feathers flit in the wind. They made me happy. Something so simple. From nature, made with our hands. 
Beautiful really.

We've had some rather strong winds here lately, I must say that the feathers have got themselves into a magnificent tangle. I'm yet to find the time, or the patience to untangle them. 
Keeping it real.

Have you made something beautiful from nature lately?
Do you have screeching hooligans at your place too?*

I hope your week is keeping calm and you're not getting too overwhelmed with the holiday madness.
Happy Wednesday to you!

*the winged or two legged variety


Christina Lowry said...

Happy Wednesday! We have kookaburras and currawongs here. They perch on the fence and survey the surroundings, or laugh their unusual laughs.

Love the feathers, even if they got caught in the wind. Sometimes fleeting beauty is best. xx

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

I adore cockatoos. Such cheeky and beautiful birds. Sometimes we see them around my hood, but it's very rare. However we are pretty lucky when it comes to kookaburras and galas. We have quite of few of them around, which is pretty great for being 10km from the heart of the city.

Have a gorgeous Christmas lovely Kitty. Hope we can catch up in the New Year sometime.