Tuesday, 18 December 2012

six months...

It seems that I have a great deal of catching up to do. 
Life with toddler and baby is most certainly hectic. 
It's that funny feeling of being so very busy, yet not being able to put into words just what it is exactly that you've been doing.
So instead of wracking my brain for words, I shall just start to play catch up for this month past.
If words come... well, let's consider them a bonus!

So the big Arlo baby is six months old (almost seven! I'm so behind!).

He has decided that raspberries aren't as fun as what they use to be.
He now spends his days perfecting his yelling, whilst flapping both arms and kicking both legs. It's quite the sight (and sound).
He loves to hide under blankets and the like to play peek-a-boo. Squealing with delight as he anticipates the BOO and laughing hysterically when you do it.
He nuzzles into my neck for cuddles, whilst sucking his thumb and playing with my hair.
He thinks his big brother is just the bees knees and hilarious to boot.
He can roll every which way and spins 360's on the mat.
He's trying oh, so hard to get onto his knees to crawl.
He loves food. Any food he can get his hands on, really. The other day I picked up some flat bread to tear a some off and before I could tear it, he had already ripped a piece off and started munching!
His favourite foods to eat are strawberries, mango, cucumber and dahl.

He's quite the character, our dear little Arlo man.

one, two, three, four, five months.

Flashback: Huckle at six months.

Teddy by the lovely Jess.

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