Tuesday, 28 April 2009

at it again...

Cooking, that is. Tonights dinner, a roast veggie salad. Since the husband is a vego & I don't really cook meat at home, you'll only see vegetarian dishes on my blog. But they're all very tasty, I promise.
Because I love to cook, I try to cook interesting but healthy & fulfilling meals. Salads are so good & now that it's getting bloody cold, why not make them warm.

After roasting some carrots, potato & sweet potato, I added basil, spinach & fetta. To finish off I drizzled it with a dressing of honey, seeded mustard & white wine vinegar. It didn't need any oil as I had tossed the vegies in oil before roasting & there was plenty still about.
It was soo tasty (if I don't say so myself). Next time I think I'll add some roast onion & garlic for some more depth. The simplicity was good though.
Bad lighting makes funny colours... sorry bout that.

We finished off with a reheat of last nights desert... strawberry jalousie. Both times it was gobbled down so fast, I didn't get the chance to immortalise it on the camera. Oh well, I'll have to make it again soon. Then I can photograph it, post the recipe & eat it! Mmmm, deal!

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