Monday, 24 May 2010

one month...

Our little Huckle is one month old today. How time has flown, it certainly feels as if we've known each other forever.
He's been packing on the pounds too, currently weighing in at the five & a half kilo mark! My goodness he's getting so big so fast. Soon I won't be able to lift him.
Here he is with his cute little bear, made by the wonderful bear maker herself Jess. I think she should have the title of "Royal Bear Maker", they're just that good.

Life at the moment is all about him & any crafting or baking I can squeeze in, is an absolute gift. I give myself a gold star everytime I get dinner on the table... or have a nice long shower (we're on tank water, with tanks overflowing... I tell myself it's ok to have a long shower).
Writing blog posts is such a luxury. To start with, I must find some time & secondly I can barely string a sentence together! Words & thoughts are all over the shop, please tell me they'll return to normal soon. Or am I completely deluded? I'm figuring it's the latter there.
Must go, I'm trying to fit in a bit of sewing before he wakes up.
Have a lovely wintery week.


Andi said...

Can't believe he's a month already.
Apparently one's brain does return to normal at some stage but I'm still waiting. (My kids are 4 and 6).
Take care of you.
Andi :-)

beck said...

Not sure about the brain returning...well it does but I'm not sure it's ever the same!! After five it's just a matter of relaxing into it all and hoping for the best!! Your little Huckle looks so adorable next to his bear, what a sweet bear it is too. Hope all is well and that you get some little bits of time for you xo

dixiebelle said...

That is life with a newborn... he is so adorable!

teddybearswednesday said...

OH Kitty Huckle is ADORABLE!!! And look at him with his bear, Oh it's too much.
speaking of too much, you are with such kind words about me. thanks soo much.
It's so nice to hear from you and hear how it's all going. I don't know how you guys do it! xo

angela said...

Wow, one month has flown by! Huckle is looking so very, very cute and his little bear is just as adorable. I hope your feeling back to your old self soon, no doubt all those odd sleeping hours must play havoc on your mind.

running thread said...

Life with a newborn is completely unpredictable and totally consuming. I'm amazed you can get any sewing or baking done .... so well done you!

Casie said...

Time flies! That bear is gorgeous, so is your little one.