Thursday, 19 April 2012

seaside adventures...

It seems that my body isn't coping too well with being 36 weeks full. So I'm on a spot of bed rest (albeit on the couch) until I rebuild a bit of energy. Perhaps last weeks adventures wore me out a little more than I thought. But with the sun shining bright in the sky, how can one resist being out amongst it.
The seaside called us down to play and we enjoyed a few hours of exploring the rockpools and making (and smashing) sandcastles.
There are some impressive stairs down to this beach, I think perhaps they might be a culprit of my achy-ness. Hmmm...
Well, my brain has just frozen and I have no more words. 
Huckle has just woken from his nap too. 
Happy Thursday dear people.


Christina Lowry said...

Look at that gorgeous bump! Rest rest rest Mama! Get those boys used to you needing to sit down to feed and letting a few things go. :)


Catherine said...

Your bump is beautiful:) It looks like Huckle had a ball building and stomping on those sandcastles. Having a little one to run after too must be very tiring. Take care and get lots of rest before your little one arrives. x