Tuesday 30 September 2008

recent adventures of fred & george...

I've been at the rose st markets for three weeks now, selling my handmade books, cards & other what-nots. It really is such a great place. I get to hear feedback on my products, chat with other crafty peeps & learn how to crochet amigurumi style, thanks Hollie! Here are a couple of current coptic bound hard covers that are in stock at the moment. They are both filled with cartridge paper & open flat for easy drawing, etc. The squirrel is $50 & the map is $45.

I'll back to market on the 11th of octber, so come down & say hi! I'm pretty friendly & there's heaps of great stuff to check out too. Here's my little stall below, quite humble it is, no bright lights or air-con.

for my mother...

I haven't posted in a while... & my lovely mother who lives in the north of Queensland keeps calling me, asking when I will post. This morning she rang enquiring about the stash of plates I sourced while op shopping in the country yesterday.
I'll start the story from the top, so everyone can keep up.
I'm getting married in March next year, it will be a wonderfully crafted affair with many helping hands. My mother is in charge of food, which means plates and plates of antipasto type goodness that everyone can just help themselves to as they need. So I guess I should show her some of the plates her food shall be eaten from. The dear Samuel (husband in waiting) & I have decided to buy our crockery from the op shops as it will be a) super cheap, b) after the wedding we can keep what we like & then sell/donate the rest & c) it will look so much better & be more cost effective than hiring plain ol' plates.
So, where was I? Oh yes, plates.

Yesterday morning, my bestie & I took a drive through Castlemaine & Bendigo. It was quite an exhausting adventure, & we came home loaded with thrifted goodies, wool from the Bendigo wool mill & the best vanilla slice I've ever tasted. I was quite excited to find most of the plates below, plus many others for a mere 20c each! The gorgeous autumn leaf plate wasn't priced, so I went to the counter & asked old Dot the price... "Oh" she said, "Is 10c alright?". "10c!" I exclaimed as I reached into my pocket, I had 60c in my hand & thrusted it over the counter before old Dot could change her mind. I've also started a collection of forks for ease of eating, all of which were purchased for 20c.
So far I have collected 25 little side plates for people to eat from, 9 larger serving plates & a couple of little bowls. The totals needed are 90 side plates, 90 forks & numerous serving plates.
I'm am currently researching our next country op shop road trip... perhaps down the mornington peninsula.

Saturday 13 September 2008

nearly ready...

This afternoon, I got crackin' in the studio & readied myself for tomorrows market. Here are my kittykat price tags waiting to be stuck.

out and about...

As it was a rather pleasant day today, I went for a stroll with my camera. Here is what came of it.

Tuesday 9 September 2008

a sneak peek...

Here's a few books I made last week, they'll be for sale at rose st this saturday. So please come down and say hello. Pardon the photograph of the first ones, I had already packaged them so they don't get dirty... I wasn't really thinking about reflection. These ones are japanese bound & the cover's are photos taken by me. The insides are cartridge paper, perfect for drawing in or sticking stuff in.
The little ones below are what I call little look books. Small enough to carry around in your handbag & their concertina style is great for posting photos of your loved ones upon the pages.
So I'm a busy girl again this week, at least I'm getting over this damn virus flu thing.

Thursday 4 September 2008

another parcel from japan...

I ordered some lovely fabric & stamps from leslies etsy shop a few weeks back. & they arrived today. Just in time for spring . I really do love the bottom fabric, I'm on the hunt for a cute handbag pattern to make from it. The peachy coloured fabric wasn't on my order, but she is known to send little extras. Thankyou leslie.
Thankyou all for your well wishes. I'm on my way to being able to breathe easy & hopefully the cough will settle soon too. I'm not really one to get hayfever, but I have been making the biggest sneezes like 20 times a day. You know the big ones, where you stamp your foot they're so powerful. Anyway, I have lots of creations to show you... but not just now, I'm going to bed. Goodnight my friends.

Wednesday 3 September 2008

on my desk... on a wednesday

I've been practising my pencil case making skills. The top one is mine all mine & the dinosaurs were for a friend. I think I'm on my way to mastering them now.
Sorry I haven't been around much lately, I've been a bit sick & lethargic. Hopefully I'll be back to my good old self soon.