Monday 29 June 2009

a walk to the top...

I'm sure you're all getting sick of seeing pictures of the rolling hills of south gippsland. But all my crafting has been packed away, so there's nothing exciting to show you there. I'm absolutely so close to finishing both my granny blanket & the green & grey quilt. I'm just itching for some spare time to finish them. I'm already planning my next moves, projects galore in my head. Aaargh, it's killing me.
Anyway, in relation to the below pictures... we live on the top of a hill. But the next hill over is bigger & just great to walk up for some exercise, a good view & a lovely sunset. The dogs like it too.

I'm still here...

Wow, where did last week go? I'm caught up in the great whirlwind that is packing & moving. Living between two houses, especially when they're an hour & a half away from each other is quite a task. But I really am loving it. We move the rest of our stuff this weekend, so from next week we'll be down there for real.
The peace & tranquility is just awesome. We wake to kookaburras & fogs rolling off the hillside.
The weekend was spent gardening, cleaning & cooking. I'm digging four big garden beds for my vegie patch, getting ready for spring plantings. The existing beds were too small & full of old, suffering roses, so out they all came. My new best friend is a pitchfork, what a wonderful tool.
A rhubarb plant was discovered near the back door, so a rhubarb & apple crumble was the first thing on my list to cook. A handful of spring onions were also discovered, not sure what to make with them yet.
We took a visit to the heritage farm on churchill island on saturday morning. They have a farmers market on the 4th saturday of the month & there's some beautiful produce available.
Lots of exploring is happening in the garden. It is quite established & there plenty to look at. On the back lawn beyond the vegie patch, there are twelve fruit trees. I've managed to identify some of them, but most have no leaves at the moment. I'll have to wait til the spring to figure them out.

Monday 22 June 2009

layin about with the lurgy...

Well, everyone else has been hangin with mister lurgy so I thought why not join in. I've really hit the sickness goldmine this month, surely I can't get sick for the rest of the year.
I was almost over the tummy bug, when on came the flu. It sure does knock you about.
I've had so many days off work, I feel like I've been on holiday. A holiday in purgatory, where you have a million & one things that need doing... but all you can do is lay about with no energy.
As you can tell by the tone in my words, I am well & truly over this sick business.
I'm throwing back the vitamins with a super juice in tow, sipping hot lemon & honey in the cool of the night & eating vegies like a little banchee. I really hope it's working.

In brighter, less whingy news... we had our first weekend in the country. I am so in love with our new property. I wasn't very helpful, so while Samuel was painting the shed floor, I moped about cleaning, measuring & planning. I also managed to get in quite a few granny squares whilst sitting in front of the fire.

Thursday 18 June 2009

the present...

I mentioned that I had made a little something for the boy's birthday. Well, here it is...
I found the tin numbers at Industria in Fitzroy. They are old lawn bowls score numbers. Aren't they great. I wanted to use the big old petrol station numbers, but I could never find the exact ones I was after. So when I found these, I was ecstatic.
To make it, I just covered the back board of the frame with linen from the stash & mounted the numbers on with carpet tape.

The numbers are the date that we met. We met at a rock concert at the corner hotel.

my creative space...

I haven't had any energy for posting this week. A tummy bug invited me to his horrible party & I've been there since monday.

Today is a little better though, so back to crafting for me.
I'm picking up where I left off with our bed quilt today. I've basted it all together & now I'm ready to hand quilt it. I cheated a little for the reverse side, purchasing a plain bed sheet on sale at target.
Such a quick & easy fix, isn't that lazy. I really want it finished soon, so we can use it at the farm
More creative spaces at kootoyoo

Sunday 14 June 2009

birthday & cottage inspirations...

It was the boys birthday today, so not much has been going on as far as crafting. I did make a little something for a pressie that I'll post later this week. I'm still going strong on the couch granny throw & I have a few more hottie covers to make this week too. I'm even working on a little how too for a lovely anonymous who commented on my visual diary cover that I made a while back. I've never done a tutorial, so please bear with me.
As far as the country schemes are going... here's some visual inspiration, I've been toying with lately. Since I've been thinking about this country thing for a while, these images unfortunately have been archived to my computer without links to their respective owners.
I'd just die for a pair of chairs like the above two, & the trunk is super awesome too.
Stacked crates... too good
Recycled jars & simple kitchen fitout.
Cute sink, not too practicle but they're not staying that long. Plus, that cabinet is awesome!
I love this patio. During the summer, this would be great.

Friday 12 June 2009

another cover...

Hottie cover for the boy... complete.


The past few days have been really busy, in my mind that is. Lot's to organise for our new place, many lists being written & sketches being drawn.
Next weekend we'll be starting the big move, which we will space out over the next two months.

The cottage that we will be running as a B&B needs a bit of work to get it to our taste. That list includes building a wall, knocking out new doorways & sorting out the bathroom & kitchen areas. So our first weekend down there will be lots of measuring & pulling stuff down.
We want the cottage to have a vintage/40's/industrial/farmhouse look to it. So alot of my time has been spent thinking about the design & styling of the interior too.
I feel a little nervous to tackle such a project, but after studying interior design & decoration at uni, I'm sure my skills will jump in along the way. And lucky for me, Samuel is ace at building walls & other random handyman things. So between the two of us & the odd friend roped in along the way, we should have a blast.
I'll keep you posted along the way. Back to the lists & ideas, I go.
This is a little pic I drew last year when we first decided that we'd move to the country.
Such a simplistic ideal, a warm house with a vegie patch. We ended up getting a little more than that.

Wednesday 10 June 2009

a house in the country...

Remember how last week I was waiting for answers regarding big news, well today we received our answer.
We've been wanting to move to the country, we thought it may happen in a year or two. But it's happening now! I'm so excited. We will soon live in the region of South Gippsland. It has a huge shed for the boy to work on his motorbikes, a cottage which we will set up as a self contained B&B & a large paddock for a cow or two, plus so much more.

Tuesday 9 June 2009

post men...

These little guys were found in wonthaggi. I wish the posts in town were this cute & well dressed.

making a house a home, one project at a time...

I can't remember which blog it was, but somewhere out there is a blog with this as its subtitle.
You know those moments in life when you have a connection with something... I had it with these words.
This cover for my hot water bottle is part of my house to home journey. Now I just need to make another one for the boy, just maybe not in 50's style floral.
To make it, I just traced a vague shape around the bottle. I then quilted it in a wonderfully rough fashion & sewed it together with a pillowcase style finish so the bottle doesn't wriggle out.

Monday 8 June 2009


We spent another day in the country side today. It was super cold & a little wet, but that didn't stop us from our adventuring.
I was so excited to stumble across these beauties. I've never seen mushrooms like this in real life. I wonder if there's little pixies living in them, surely there is.
Aren't they just awesome, I wish I had a whole garden bed full of them.


I live in a little pocket of melbourne where terrace cottages are wedged between industrial warehouses. Alot of them still have their original numbers. I must say, I do like them.

Sunday 7 June 2009

sunday sketching...

This afternoon has seen me on the couch with pencil & paper.
I haven't sat down & drawn like this since last winter. Maybe it's got something to do with lazing on the couch with a blanky & hot water bottle. At least it is productive lazing.

right now...

Feel free to join in, I'd love to know what you're up to right now.

Outside my window… the melbourne sky is hiding behind wintry clouds, teasing us with rain

I am thinking… about all the things I'd like to make

I am thankful for all things obvious, my husband, family & friends. They make me smile

From the kitchenthe past few days, I've made baked beans, veggie soup, apple jalousie & banana bread

I am wearingthe usual get-up, jeans, converse sneakers, trusty old hand me down jumper with holes that need patching

I am creatinga cover for my hot water bottle, cushion covers, photo album & I'm still working on the big granny blanket

I am goingto take a ride on my motorbike today, I think I'll go to fitzroy

I am reading books about living simply & my favourite mags pictured below

I am hopingto find a birthday present for my man by next sunday, I'm holding out for something awesome... don't know what it is yet

I am hearingold school gospel & soul on PBS

Around the houseare things that make me smile: a chat noir poster, artwork by my bestie & my vintage lamps

One of my favourite thingsis riding my motorbike, it starts first go & it's dazzling looks catch everyones eye

A few plans for the rest of the week dinner with friends, a spot of op shopping & only two days of work

Saturday 6 June 2009

latest score...

A vintage fishing basket from an old man's shed. I didn't steal it, he sold it to me for $15.
I've just recently seen similar ones in fancy shops for between $50 & $60 bucks. Bargain I say.
I'm always on a keen lookout for vintage & antique items. I'm off to Camberwell market tomorrow morning if anyone would like to join me.

my favourite salad...

This was last nights awesome dinner, it's a regular in our house as it is super tasty & has heaps of good things in it. I've developed this recipe quite a bit over the past couple of years, but it has been steady for a while now. I feel it's reached it's full potential, to my taste anyway.
The tantalising desert was pan fried homemade banana bread drizzled with sweet sherry & served with argentinean caramel icecream. It was just superb.
What have you been cooking lately?.

Here's the recipe for the salad, do try it.
  • 1 cup couscous prepared with 1 cup boiling water
  • handful of chopped coriander
  • 2 good size zuchinni, cooked off in pan
  • 1 red onion, sliced & cooked off with some sumac
  • 1 huge sweet potato chopped into 1cm-ish cubes, tossed in olive oil, smoked paprika, cumin & ground coriander & roasted til soft
  • crumbled fetta, I use a block but use however much takes your fancy
  • handful of currants or some other dried raisiny thing
  • handful of sunflower seeds or pinenuts
  • heaps of baby spinach, I usually use the whole packet
  • then season with salt & pepper, red wine vinegar & canola oil & Bob's your uncle

Friday 5 June 2009

a walk in the sun...

I took a stroll today, happy with the warmth the sun shone upon me. I purchased some magazines to distract my busy mind. I admired the prettiness, found amongst the everyday along swan st & surrounds.
I did the jobs that needed doing; washing, tidying & grocery shopping. I enjoyed a slouch on my couch, with the heater on. I read about keeping chickens, the breeds, their needs & all things related.
I cooked an awesome dinner, followed by a tantalising desert. My man & I sat & drank wine & sweet sherry, watching Gran Torino, then listening to Neil Young & Nick Cave records. I think about their music; it's poetry, complex yet so simple. I think about many things. Life is good, I am happy. Of course there is always more that I want from myself & other aspects in life. But they will come & for now I am very content.
I think now that I may be rambling, but it is very honest, open rambling...
so I'm sure it is ok.

my creative space...

There's been alot of working this week & not too much creativity, hence my tardiness on posting. I did manage however to figure out scallop edging so I could finish off the baby blanket. Here it is all ready to go.
It's been a high stress week this week, we've been waiting for answers. Answers that will tell us if our life will soon change dramatically. I'm very impatient & want to know yesterday. I don't want to say too much in case the answer is no.
Wow, alot of talking around the subject there.

Wednesday 3 June 2009

a nice set...

As all us fabric girls love to do, I've been playing with some combinations from my stash. I'm quite liking this set, it has a nice vintage vibe going on & is super sweet & girly. If only I knew some little girl babies, there's only boy babies in my circle at the moment. Maybe I'll just make it anyway & keep it in stock for just in case.

Tuesday 2 June 2009

I like it here...

The kitchen would have to be my favourite spot in the house. Not just my house either, I'll take any kitchen. I often work my way into friends kitchens, when over for tea (I hope they don't mind). I feel so happy chopping & stirring, It's like therapy that soothes your soul & feeds you when you're done. How can you beat that!
This shot was taken by the boy, he thought I looked so content with a glass of wine & all my goods on the bench. I think I looked like I was trying to avoid a photo.

Monday 1 June 2009

sleepy bye bears...

So there's been a little more progress on the bear front. I messed about with the pattern & made a second bear. I'm still not quite happy, but the whole process is becoming a great learning curve. You can learn so much by making mistakes, you just have to let yourself make them in the first place.
There's a great softie to check out over here. This woman is crazy (in the best way possible), great work Jodie!