Friday 27 April 2012

chestnut day...

Everyday is chestnut day at the moment. That's what Huckle calls it. 
Our walks out in the garden of late have found us heading to the chestnut tree to gather the bounty. Some days we're organised and take a basket, other days we make do with pockets.
 Have you been collecting any of autumn's bounty lately?

Thursday 26 April 2012

right now...

I am...

feeling :: the warmth of the fire

waiting :: for a phone call to say if we'll be moving house or not

listening :: to a little Huckle man chatter away about chestnuts and tidy up

eating :: leftover nanna style vegie soup with homemade bread for lunch

hoping :: to sit by the fire and crochet the afternoon away

harvesting :: chestnuts, passionfruit and the last few sneaky potatoes and tomatoes hiding in vegie patch

enjoying :: the warm glow of the sun, when it occasionally pops out from behind the clouds

watching :: the leaves turn beautiful shades of yellow, orange, red and even purple

decluttering :: the whole house... and the shed... aaaand the studios, bye bye stuff

cooking :: dinners ahead... red beans and rice, pumpkin and barley gratin and pumpkin and chickpea curry

baking :: anzacs, a little late but delicious none the less

discovering :: the world through a little persons eyes... caterpillars, rocks, leaves...
What are you up to right now?
I hope it's wonderful, whatever it may be.

inspired by soulemama

Wednesday 25 April 2012

wednesday colour...

A little bit of colour to brighten your week.
My beautiful fruit salad rose. It smells just like fruit salad. Delicious.
Can you believe that gorgeous peachy colour couldn't be found with the dropper in photoshop. 
It's an all an illusion of a gazillion other peachy colours hanging out together.

I keep falling off the colour wagon. But, I'm here today. Next week though... who can say.

Happy wednesday!

Tuesday 24 April 2012

two years...

Two years ago this little man came into our lives and our hearts swelled with endless love.
Happy Birthday to our most wonderful little Huckle man.

It's wonderful to think that in just a few weeks time, our hearts will swell even more. 
Being a Mama is the hardest job I have ever done, I'm sure it is this way for most. But when you stop and look at all that children give you, it is just the most amazing experience. We are so blessed.

What I'm really struggling to get my head around is that I'm a Mama to a TWO year old! Where did the time go? Ridiculous. When you become a parent, you immediately become part of the "time goes so fast" club, don't you.

We just mooched about today, playing trains and tea parties. When the sun shines though, we're going to the zoo. Hurrah! I love the zoo. I can't wait to take Huckle.

I promise there will be a few big boy two year old photos at the end of the week. For family purposes. Can't have the Nanny & Auntie Melly getting all upset now. Can we?

I hope all my Victorian friends are keeping warm. It's bloody freezing out there! Don't worry about me, I'm in front of the fire.

Have a wonderful week!

Friday 20 April 2012

an autumn afternoon...

A few days ago, we took a walk. 
Perhaps another very good reason for a pregnant lady to rest. We didn't make it all the way up the hill, for that would have been the end of me. Our little stroll took us to the farm on the corner and there were all sorts of wonders for the wondering.
Here I am posing. Must get more belly shots! I'm loving this stripey top at the moment, I wear it every second day (okay, maybe sometimes two days in a row). I think I've stretched it past capacity, it's wearing a little thin.
 Playing with my shadow.
 Admiring that big bright sun and wishing it would stay for winter.
 Cute Charolais babies to see.
 Wedgetail eagles to spot.
 Two gorgeous boys for company.
One, who is fascinated with shadows and who they belong to.
Seriously cute. Gosh, I love this boy.
I hope you've been having adventures of the most adventurous kind lately. 
Wandering and wondering is so good for the soul.
It helps me push through the not so nice to see that there is lots of good in my everyday.
Does it help you too?

It's Friday, almost the weekend! Make it wonderful, won't you. x

Thursday 19 April 2012

seaside adventures...

It seems that my body isn't coping too well with being 36 weeks full. So I'm on a spot of bed rest (albeit on the couch) until I rebuild a bit of energy. Perhaps last weeks adventures wore me out a little more than I thought. But with the sun shining bright in the sky, how can one resist being out amongst it.
The seaside called us down to play and we enjoyed a few hours of exploring the rockpools and making (and smashing) sandcastles.
There are some impressive stairs down to this beach, I think perhaps they might be a culprit of my achy-ness. Hmmm...
Well, my brain has just frozen and I have no more words. 
Huckle has just woken from his nap too. 
Happy Thursday dear people.

Wednesday 4 April 2012

yesterday's adventures...

We drove for five or so hours. 
To a place somewhere south of Horsham. 
Serious countryside. 
Farms of sheep and wheat for miles and miles. 
The magnificent Grampians creating a most dramatic backdrop.
We stopped in Ballarat for a picnic lunch and play. What a cute town!
We arrived at Cleve's place to a welcome of tea and club sandwiches.
Huckle discovered tractors, woodpiles, chickens, feathers and much more.
The day grew late, we parked our new truck on the trailer and drove off home away from the sunset.
Weary eyed we snuggled into bed at some time past midnight.
Today we are tired and trying to catch up on all that needs doing.
What adventures have you had lately? 
Are they of the middle of nowhere, vintage truck collecting kind?

Monday 2 April 2012


Another weekend has flown by, here are some snippets of what we've been up to.
I promise this blog isn't going to be all Ironwood and Eaglesmith. It's consuming our lives at the moment, so there's not much else to write about I'm afraid. 
We spent Friday and Saturday organising the gallery. On Sunday we ventured to a local clearance sale at a local engineers workshop. We found some amazing pieces to add to the gallery. Tomorrow we're off to Horsham to pick up a special little truck for I & E. He's very cute, and yes Uncle Warwick... he's a Bedford, a 1953 TA. We're loyal around these parts.
The business cards have arrived and are looking suitably old school. 
Our shop counter has been designed and is waiting to be built. I'm using my old set of drawers to hold stationery and my roll of brown paper fits the paper dispenser perfectly. 
I'm slowly getting around to photographing all of our vintage curiosities. Many of which will be for sale when we open. 
Samuel has been restoring some beautiful vintage axes and making leather sheaths for their shiny sharp heads. 
So that's about all around these parts.
I'm very excited that it's Easter this weekend. I'm by no means religious, but I do love an excuse to bake delicious treats. We'll be making hot cross buns and maybe some marshmallows too.
April is upon us, which I'm trying to get my head around. How the months just fly by. Huckle is two at the end of the month and in about six weeks we'll be joined by a sweet new babe!
Oh my, there is so much to do before then!
Have a gorgeous week. x