Tuesday 20 November 2012


I've been a bit slack with the ol' kaboodle of late. 
The camera hasn't come out much in the past week. So I'm using a photo of Huckle from last weekend. Rule breaker, I know. It's incentive to take more photos this week and maybe post them too.

Huckle :: Intently watching for his Dada to zoom by. He can spot the Alfa all the way across the track..

Arlo :: The poor malnourished 
*ehum* child has taken to nibbling on his toes. And by nibbling, I mean chomping down with great gusto.

inspired by this mama

Thursday 15 November 2012

getting my craft on...

I really feel like I'm getting my craft on again. These past few weeks have seen me crafting in such a flurry of excitement that dishes have been left to pile precariously upon the bench. Thank goodness for the husband who saved them from an imminent tumble (clearly trying to earn points after two weeks in the shed working on the racecar aaaand three days at winton racing), he's a good sort he is. 

If you've been following me on instagram, you would've seen some evidence of this crafting flurry. My time is yet to stretch long enough to take decent photos of my creations and getting the kidlets to stand still is a whole other issue, not to mention a self portrait!

I've been slowly drawing vintage trucks again too and have had some digitally printed onto a gorgeous linen/cotton to have a play with. I thought they would make great craft panels to be used in a cushion or quilt, or a sweet simple softie. 
I've listed them in the shop, if you'd like one. There's four of each character available.

I can't wait to sew something for the boys, still trying to decide what though. I also ordered some interlock with a combined design of all three to sew a couple of tees. Just have to build up the nerve to cut into it. Oh, the fear of mistake is high!

Have you been getting your craft on lately?

Joining up with the crafty gang over here.

Monday 12 November 2012


From our weekend at Winton Raceway. 

Huckle :: loves sitting in the racecar, pretending to steer and change gears.

Arlo :: sleeping soundly amongst noisy racecars. 

Tuesday 6 November 2012

six things right now...

I'm excited about our first strawberries. Everyday we check on their progress and anticipate their ripening. Hopefully we'll get to them before the birds.

Bread rolls warm from the oven and shakshuka make a delicious lunch. So filling we didn't feel like much for tea. Recipe from Ottolenghi's Plenty, that man can do no wrong.

I love a fairyfloss sky. Blue, pink, purple and orange.
For those of you who know my brother... don't you think this tree could be mistaken for the back of his head. Tee hee. Afro bro, I miss you so. x

Sensory play is the number one go-to for Huckle entertainment. Meditation for toddlers, I call it. Finger painting, water play, playing with beans, threading pipe cleaners, tying cupboards together with soft yarn... (That last one is totally his idea. I especially enjoy it when cupboards on either side of the kitchen are tied together and I have to play hurdles to get to the other side.)

Flowers in the garden equal happiness. In a vase on the table... happiness doubled. We've got ten rose bushes at our place and they're giving us some very pretty posies.

One day, I'll have a ginormous vegie patch with enough space for all my vegetable whims and fancies. Right now though... this is my cucurbit patch. Three different pumpkin plants and four zucchini plants. It's not very nice to look at now, dogs and poultry have to be kept out. I can't wait to see this bareness transform into a jungle. 

What's happening in your part of the world right now?

five months...

Our dear little Arlo man tuned five months last week. Why, oh why does time go so fast?

He is turning into such a funny fellow, always ready to give a smile and a giggle.
He loves to blow raspberries and spends many moments throughout the day perfecting his raspberry blowing skills with great gusto and concentration.
He has discovered his feet. If nappy changes weren't already challenging... they sure are now.
He gets so excited to see us, especially Huckle. Complete adoration.
He stares at us through the bars of his cot and chats away in the morning, waiting patiently for us to wake.
He has the squeal of a baby pterodactyl. So. Very. Loud.
He loves to watch the animals go about their business, especially Bagpipe the duck.

Oh Arlo man, we love you so.

one, two, three, four months

Flashback: Huckle at five months.

Teddy by the sweetest bear maker around.

Sunday 4 November 2012


Huckle :: taking great pride in his job of podding the broad beans. He has grown so much these past few months, turning into a little boy. 
Arlo :: that learning stare, where you can almost see his little head absorbing all that there is to know.

Saturday 3 November 2012

using the egg bounty...

We only have two chooks and one duck at the moment. They are such good layers, at times it feels we have ten birds. I'm quite good at using the eggs regularly, but occasionally they bank up and the cartons begin to overflow. This is when I have to think out of the box of cakes, pikelets and omelettes for something different.

I took two duck eggs last week and made mayonnaise with the yolks and meringues with the whites (no photo evidence of those... they *mysteriously* disappeared).
I modified the recipe from The Real Food Companion to accommodate the large duck yolks, by increasing the oil to 300ml and using a generous two teaspoons for the mustard, vinegar and lemon juice. I didn't have any white wine vinegar, so I substituted red wine vinegar instead.

Verdict? Absolutely delicious! I have taken a solemn vow to never buy mayonnaise ever again.
Added bonus number one... my forearms will become super strong from all that whisking.
Added bonus number two... this jar cost me approximately $1 to make. That's a saving of at least $4!

Have you made mayonnaise before?
Do it. Yum-oh.

Happy weekend folks!