Wednesday 19 December 2012

feathers, twigs and twine...

As we walked through the park, we heard the screeches of cockatoos. Flying about like hooligans, they appeared to be having a marvelous time. We stopped under the shade of a patch of gum trees and discovered a carpet of fallen feathers. Little hands grasped them one by one and soon they were stuffed into Mama's purse. There was talk of a mobile and twigs were promptly gathered for the grand construction.
On our arrival home, we sat on the balcony. A patient little boy helped me to snip and tie.
And then we hung our creation above our potted herbs on the balcony.

In the evening after he had gone to bed, I sat out with my beloved and watched those feathers flit in the wind. They made me happy. Something so simple. From nature, made with our hands. 
Beautiful really.

We've had some rather strong winds here lately, I must say that the feathers have got themselves into a magnificent tangle. I'm yet to find the time, or the patience to untangle them. 
Keeping it real.

Have you made something beautiful from nature lately?
Do you have screeching hooligans at your place too?*

I hope your week is keeping calm and you're not getting too overwhelmed with the holiday madness.
Happy Wednesday to you!

*the winged or two legged variety

Tuesday 18 December 2012

six months...

It seems that I have a great deal of catching up to do. 
Life with toddler and baby is most certainly hectic. 
It's that funny feeling of being so very busy, yet not being able to put into words just what it is exactly that you've been doing.
So instead of wracking my brain for words, I shall just start to play catch up for this month past.
If words come... well, let's consider them a bonus!

So the big Arlo baby is six months old (almost seven! I'm so behind!).

He has decided that raspberries aren't as fun as what they use to be.
He now spends his days perfecting his yelling, whilst flapping both arms and kicking both legs. It's quite the sight (and sound).
He loves to hide under blankets and the like to play peek-a-boo. Squealing with delight as he anticipates the BOO and laughing hysterically when you do it.
He nuzzles into my neck for cuddles, whilst sucking his thumb and playing with my hair.
He thinks his big brother is just the bees knees and hilarious to boot.
He can roll every which way and spins 360's on the mat.
He's trying oh, so hard to get onto his knees to crawl.
He loves food. Any food he can get his hands on, really. The other day I picked up some flat bread to tear a some off and before I could tear it, he had already ripped a piece off and started munching!
His favourite foods to eat are strawberries, mango, cucumber and dahl.

He's quite the character, our dear little Arlo man.

one, two, three, four, five months.

Flashback: Huckle at six months.

Teddy by the lovely Jess.

Tuesday 20 November 2012


I've been a bit slack with the ol' kaboodle of late. 
The camera hasn't come out much in the past week. So I'm using a photo of Huckle from last weekend. Rule breaker, I know. It's incentive to take more photos this week and maybe post them too.

Huckle :: Intently watching for his Dada to zoom by. He can spot the Alfa all the way across the track..

Arlo :: The poor malnourished 
*ehum* child has taken to nibbling on his toes. And by nibbling, I mean chomping down with great gusto.

inspired by this mama

Thursday 15 November 2012

getting my craft on...

I really feel like I'm getting my craft on again. These past few weeks have seen me crafting in such a flurry of excitement that dishes have been left to pile precariously upon the bench. Thank goodness for the husband who saved them from an imminent tumble (clearly trying to earn points after two weeks in the shed working on the racecar aaaand three days at winton racing), he's a good sort he is. 

If you've been following me on instagram, you would've seen some evidence of this crafting flurry. My time is yet to stretch long enough to take decent photos of my creations and getting the kidlets to stand still is a whole other issue, not to mention a self portrait!

I've been slowly drawing vintage trucks again too and have had some digitally printed onto a gorgeous linen/cotton to have a play with. I thought they would make great craft panels to be used in a cushion or quilt, or a sweet simple softie. 
I've listed them in the shop, if you'd like one. There's four of each character available.

I can't wait to sew something for the boys, still trying to decide what though. I also ordered some interlock with a combined design of all three to sew a couple of tees. Just have to build up the nerve to cut into it. Oh, the fear of mistake is high!

Have you been getting your craft on lately?

Joining up with the crafty gang over here.

Monday 12 November 2012


From our weekend at Winton Raceway. 

Huckle :: loves sitting in the racecar, pretending to steer and change gears.

Arlo :: sleeping soundly amongst noisy racecars. 

Tuesday 6 November 2012

six things right now...

I'm excited about our first strawberries. Everyday we check on their progress and anticipate their ripening. Hopefully we'll get to them before the birds.

Bread rolls warm from the oven and shakshuka make a delicious lunch. So filling we didn't feel like much for tea. Recipe from Ottolenghi's Plenty, that man can do no wrong.

I love a fairyfloss sky. Blue, pink, purple and orange.
For those of you who know my brother... don't you think this tree could be mistaken for the back of his head. Tee hee. Afro bro, I miss you so. x

Sensory play is the number one go-to for Huckle entertainment. Meditation for toddlers, I call it. Finger painting, water play, playing with beans, threading pipe cleaners, tying cupboards together with soft yarn... (That last one is totally his idea. I especially enjoy it when cupboards on either side of the kitchen are tied together and I have to play hurdles to get to the other side.)

Flowers in the garden equal happiness. In a vase on the table... happiness doubled. We've got ten rose bushes at our place and they're giving us some very pretty posies.

One day, I'll have a ginormous vegie patch with enough space for all my vegetable whims and fancies. Right now though... this is my cucurbit patch. Three different pumpkin plants and four zucchini plants. It's not very nice to look at now, dogs and poultry have to be kept out. I can't wait to see this bareness transform into a jungle. 

What's happening in your part of the world right now?

five months...

Our dear little Arlo man tuned five months last week. Why, oh why does time go so fast?

He is turning into such a funny fellow, always ready to give a smile and a giggle.
He loves to blow raspberries and spends many moments throughout the day perfecting his raspberry blowing skills with great gusto and concentration.
He has discovered his feet. If nappy changes weren't already challenging... they sure are now.
He gets so excited to see us, especially Huckle. Complete adoration.
He stares at us through the bars of his cot and chats away in the morning, waiting patiently for us to wake.
He has the squeal of a baby pterodactyl. So. Very. Loud.
He loves to watch the animals go about their business, especially Bagpipe the duck.

Oh Arlo man, we love you so.

one, two, three, four months

Flashback: Huckle at five months.

Teddy by the sweetest bear maker around.

Sunday 4 November 2012


Huckle :: taking great pride in his job of podding the broad beans. He has grown so much these past few months, turning into a little boy. 
Arlo :: that learning stare, where you can almost see his little head absorbing all that there is to know.

Saturday 3 November 2012

using the egg bounty...

We only have two chooks and one duck at the moment. They are such good layers, at times it feels we have ten birds. I'm quite good at using the eggs regularly, but occasionally they bank up and the cartons begin to overflow. This is when I have to think out of the box of cakes, pikelets and omelettes for something different.

I took two duck eggs last week and made mayonnaise with the yolks and meringues with the whites (no photo evidence of those... they *mysteriously* disappeared).
I modified the recipe from The Real Food Companion to accommodate the large duck yolks, by increasing the oil to 300ml and using a generous two teaspoons for the mustard, vinegar and lemon juice. I didn't have any white wine vinegar, so I substituted red wine vinegar instead.

Verdict? Absolutely delicious! I have taken a solemn vow to never buy mayonnaise ever again.
Added bonus number one... my forearms will become super strong from all that whisking.
Added bonus number two... this jar cost me approximately $1 to make. That's a saving of at least $4!

Have you made mayonnaise before?
Do it. Yum-oh.

Happy weekend folks!

Wednesday 31 October 2012

in the garden...

The past few days have been oh, so wonderful. The sun has been shining and the warmth... oh, the warmth! I am so glad for spring. 
It has been perfect weather for gardening, we've been busying ourselves with planting out seeds and seedlings.
We don't plan on staying in this house past May next year, so most of our vegies are being planted in containers. Pots of all shapes and sizes are being put to use along with any other random container that can be up-cycled.
All of the small pots are on the front balcony away from hungry chookens. Beetroot, rainbow chard, basil and lettuce joined the herbs today. 

I went to town on a garden bed out the back, pulling out two ugly shrubs and removing bark. Boy, did that feel good. In its place are three pumpkin plants, four zucchini plants and a whole lot of straw from the chook house. I can't wait to have a gazillion zucchinis and pumpkins. Positive thinking here. Grow my pretties.

We've got a great amount of tomato plants too, which we're going to put in big pots out the back. I'm doing my research on the best way to grow them in pots, as previously I've grown them along a fence and tied them to the fence. Perhaps dog wire around the perimeter of the pot would be a good support for their heavy limbs.

How is your garden growing?
Do you have any tips? I'd love to hear them.

P.S. It's almost November! Eeeek! Where did the year go?

Monday 29 October 2012


Huckle :: gentle and sweet, yet so loud and crazy as well. 
Arlo :: this one is very, very cheeky. His most favourite thing at the moment is blowing raspberries.

Friday 26 October 2012


A few weeks back, when we were having one of those days and dinner hadn't been cooked... or even contemplated... and it was 4:30. 
We bundled ourselves into the car and drove the 40 kilometres to the sea.
We played in the park while we waited for our fish and chips and afterwards we ventured down to the shore.
It was freezing, the fish and chips were horrible and ridiculously overpriced, but I'm so glad to have escaped.

I'm also glad to have taken the camera too. 

Tuesday 23 October 2012

this and that...

 :: I made ginger beer... but it smells like farts {not my words}. 
Sam thinks I caught some bacteria in my starter. 
Apart from the sulphur smell, I think I did quite well. 
It has a lovely light fizz and a gentle ginger flavour... but yes, it still smells like farts. 
Better luck next time.

:: I love cook books. 
Not just any cook book though. I need one with a story, with substance. 
This stack has some old favourites, some new purchases and a borrowed one that needs to be purchased. 
Who needs to smoke or drink when you can buy cook books instead?

:: Spring. When it is good, it is very, very good {and when it is bad, it is horrid}. 
The lawn is proving to be the perfect spot for colouring, tea parties and cubbies.
When not on the lawn, you'll most likely find us on the front verandah. 
Huckle takes great pride in the watering of the herbs {when he's not pulling them out}.
We have oregano, thyme, mint, coriander and parsley. He knows which is which and fetches them for me when I cook. 
Knowing real food is important to me and I hope that I can instill that in my children.

:: There's been a lot of sewing happening over here.
We happened to be near a spotlight last week and I made the mad dash in, sans children. 
I was pleasantly surprised with the designs they currently have {and not at all surprised at their understaffed, unhelpful ways}.
I haven't purchased new fabric in oh, so long. I felt completely indulgent. 
The first three will be used to make pants and shorts for the Huckle and Arlo.
The other two are for me. I'm thinking floaty, summery tops.

Have you made ginger beer before? Any tips?
What's happening at yours this week? Sewing? Cooking? Outdoor tea parties?
Hope it's lovely.

Sunday 21 October 2012


Huckle :: in his own little world, exploring the rockpools. our first visit to the seaside for the season. 
Arlo :: he's really getting this "grab and shove into mouth" business down pat

Friday 19 October 2012

of balmy nights and sunsets...

Okay, maybe they're not all that balmy yet. 

The sunsets we get to see here are amazing. 
These were taken from our front verandah and are un-edited.
Truly beautiful.

Do you ever get that magical feeling when you watch a sunset with a loved one?
Isn't it the most divine feeling. 
Like the universe is giving you a great big hug and everything feels blissful.
I get the same feeling when I see an awesome moon, or a magnificent view from up high.

Have a most glorious weekend, won't you.

Thursday 18 October 2012

into nature...

Two is wonderful. 
There is so many new things to learn, songs to sing, stories to recite. 
The world is full of wonder.
But two is also hard. 
There is energy to burn, emotions to figure out and boundaries to test.
When days are hard {and the weather is reasonable} we head outside.
We jump in the car and find a local reserve to explore.
And then we exhale.
The focus shifts from butting heads, to the beauty of nature.
We walk through the bush peacefully, stopping every now and then to study something of interest and to discuss what it might be, how it got to be here and why.
Why is the feather blue? Why did the tree fall? Who cut it up? Where are the ants going?
So, so much to learn.
These little adventures make the day to day a little less overwhelming.
Thank you mother nature.