Thursday 31 March 2011

my creative space...

I'm all over the shop this week. Everytime I go out to the studio it's hurricane Huckle disaster management. So no major crafty advances here on the hill. Just a mind overflowing with ideas & now a sketchbook overflowing too.
Tomorrow is mama's day off & hopefully there will be mucho, mucho making.
So, what do I have to show then?
A sweet little outfit for nephew. I made this last december for his christmas gift. The dancing musical animals suit his personality, I think he's one of them.
When I asked him to have his photo taken, this is the pose he gave me. Guitar strummin rockstar!
And low & behold I actually managed to finally finish this quilt in time for his second birthday in january. I started it on the 6th of october 09! Hooray for finishing, I say. If only I could finish all of the projects I have stashed away...
My mum even made a pillowcase to match. Now he has a Nana/Auntie made bed set.
That's all for now. I'll be over here if you need me...

Wednesday 30 March 2011

chooks, cake & pickle...

Yep, that's exactly what I've been up to this week.
We've increased the flock up here on the hill. Six gorgeous barnevelder ladies are now gracing us with their presence. They're a bit unsure & like to stay together, but I'm sure they'll settle in soon enough. Ruby & Blondie are very unimpressed & have resorted to chasing them & pulling out their feathers. OUCH!
I love to watch them fossick in the grass, their feathers are so pretty.
I've made cake. It started out as Pear Harvest Cake, from Coming Home to Eat by Jude Blereau. It was all going peachy & swell until I cut up the pears to find that they were yuck. A last minute grating of some apples saved the day & the cake was crowned Apple Crumble Cake! Delicious! We ate it warm with cream. What do I mean ate it... we're still eating it... it's huge.

Too much rain & not enough sun makes for very green tomatoes.
Have you heard of this age old adage?
I may have made it up... but it's true. So what do you do when the sun don't shine? Why you make green tomato pickle of course!
Overcooking & caramelising the sugar is completely optional. Lucky for me, it's still tastes good.
I just realised there are air bubbles in my jars... is this bad? I'm off to google it.
What's happening in your kitchen at the moment? Have you had any near disasters lately?

wednesday colour...

A little colour inspiration to brighten your week.
Such a subdued & romantic set of colours, a little Jane Austen even.

Tuesday 29 March 2011

11 months...

Warning! Gushing, proud mama post, an update for family folk who live far, far away.

Ooh, we're getting close to the big single digit!
Huckle turned 11 months last thursday.
It's all go, go, go in Huckle land, here's a bit of what he gets up to.
:: he growls while shaking his head :: very funny ::
:: he says "ta" when giving or receiving something ::
:: he says cow & dog (leaving off the last letter) & will point to them when asked ::
:: I ask what story shall we read & he picks one off the shelf, brings it over & climbs into my lap ::
:: his favourites are, The very hungry caterpillar :: I am a bunny :: & Charley Harper's 123's ::
:: he loves putting hats on & spends a good part of the day going through our hat collection ::
:: when outside, he loves to pick dandelions & gift them to his mama ::
:: he has a terrible habit for whacking us in the face with any given object :: it hurts a lot ::
:: he likes to ride atop the wash basket, when I'm doing the laundry ::
:: favourite foods are :: soba salad :: blueberries :: dahl :: quinoa kichiri :: raisins ::
:: he loves to play his drum & xylophone :: of course, whacking something with a stick ::
:: he waks a few steps before landing on his toosh ::
:: can walk the length of the hall with just a hand on the wall ::

:: he loves, loves, loves being outside ::

Here he is, 11 months & happy to be a Huckle.

Teddy by Jess RMTB (Royal Maker of Teddy Bears)

Monday 28 March 2011

two years...

Two years ago I married this handsome man.
It's been two years of love, laughter & so much more.
In these two years we've moved to the country, been on several (ie. I've lost count) mad car/bike/chicken/alpaca/etc acquiring adventures & had a beautiful baby Huckle.
I wonder what is in install for us for the years to come.
I do know that we'll be by each others side the whole way, with Huckle in tow & that makes me truly happy.
Happy Anniversary my love.
I love this shot.
The wedding car... our old '48 Bedford & a mates bsa on the back.
We got a few looks that day.

Friday 25 March 2011


I couldn't resist snapping this dandelion head.
Weighed down by rain, soon to blown away by the gale that is blowing through these parts.
This seed head is such a beautiful metaphor for life.
You grow & do your very best, but some things are out of your hands.
You can't fight it, you must go with it & keep trying your very best.
You may feel that you have not succeeded... but my friend, know in your heart you have not failed.
Have a beautiful weekend. x

Thursday 24 March 2011

my creative space...

Another thing ticked off the never ending list. Party invite... TICK!
I had plans for something different, but this is done & ready to print. Hooray!
The sweet illustrations are from a vintage Pixie book. Aren't they cute.
Next step is the planning of some yummy picnic food & happy decorations.
Huckle has just gone down for a nap, so I'm going to sort myself out with a cuppa. Then I'll be off over here, admiring more creative spaces.

Wednesday 23 March 2011

wednesday colour...

A little colour inspiration to brighten your week.

Monday 21 March 2011


I don't have many words at the moment.
I'm thinking of the dear folk of Japan.
Holding my boys close & being grateful.
This earth of ours is very unpredictable.
Just another reminder to embrace life each day.
To live & to love.
Wishing you & yours a most beautiful week. x

Thursday 17 March 2011

my creative space...

Is action station this past week. The shop is being stocked with some sweet goodies.
Mr Marshall Sleepy Bye Bear is ready to head off on new adventures & achieve his dreams with someone special. You can find this charming fellow here & get to know him a little better.
I've also bound some gorgeous lined journals with vintage wallpaper. A perfect home for all your wisdoms & wonderings. They are 15 x 22 cm with 110 gsm Ivory paper, 112 sheets with grey lines. You can find them here.

I'm so happy to be in the studio regularly, it's fantastic. I'm making stuff! Woot!
These lovely ladies are all making stuff too, over here.

Wednesday 16 March 2011

wednesday colour...

A little colour to brighten you week.

Thursday 10 March 2011

my creative space...

There hasn't been any intense crafting happening on the hill this past week. Just a little of this & a little of that. So instead of showing a bunch of WIP's, I thought I'd show a few recent additions.
Like this bright & happy abc bed throw. It's huge, almost 2m by 3m. I'm thinking applique...
This sweet little pillow case won't be getting cut up anytime soon. It also features a little toadstool house.
A funny nursery rhyme sheet set. I'd love to use this in some baby quilts, too cute.
Some reading material. The top two a gift from my ma & pa, the bottom a gift from me.
It's studio day tomorrow. Last week I ended up cleaning the house, so disappointing. Tomorrow I shall lock the door & not venture out until things are made! That's the rules.
Pop over to Koo's for a whole shebang of creative spaces... perhaps even with some creativity going on, unlike my offerings.
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday 9 March 2011

wednesday colour...

A little colour to brighten your week.
Who can resist a bokeh shot?
This was early morning dew on the leaves of a tree... can you see it?
I haven't had much energy for posting the past few days. I'm flitting between a spot of crochet & some stitching & generally just existing.
I hope your week is turning out just fine.

Saturday 5 March 2011

be still, my beating heart...

Those eyes... that lip... they get me every time.

Friday 4 March 2011

a love affair...

I have a serious love affair with old things, pretty much anything old will get my attention over something new. Old trucks are right up there for me. The husband & I have owned a few (still have two), & will have more in the years to come, I'm sure.
They have such character & whenever I see one I always replicate the facial expression I think it has. Yes, I'm odd... but all my friends are odd too... This provides much entertainment for Samuel & allows me to express my oddness. You should try it one day. Just look at a truck, try to find a face & make that face on your face... are you following here? Does it have big teeth (grill)? Is it frowning (sunvisor)? Are it's horns straight or bent (stacks)? I'm positive this game would be just as fun for the little folk in your life too.
I also love to draw old trucks. I have a special sketchbook just for the cause. Here are a couple I've roughly sketched. One day I'll tidy them up & make something cute, but for now I'll keep sketching til my sketchbook is overflowing.

I'm out in the studio today, a whole day for craftiness. Woohoo! I've said my prayers to the productivity gods... no procrastinating for me, no way.
Have a happy friday!

Thursday 3 March 2011

my creative space...

Perhaps one day soon I shall finish one of the many projects I have going. But my friends, that day is not today. So yes I have something new to show... & it's even finished! Hurrah!
I've been plotting & scheming this for a while now. After seeing similar around the interwebnet, it was most necessary to have one of my very own. The hardwood plank was found in the shed & the hooks was snaffled up from our local second hand building man. All it took then was for my most marvelous, capable, power tool wielding husband to make it for me.
Make it he did! Isn't it fantastic. You can disagree with me here, but I'm truly dancing about with a ridiculous grin across the front side of my noggin. Delirious, I tell you. It makes me smile every time I pass it.Here it is populated with a small portion of our many, many jackets. As you can tell, it was a much needed addition.
Our house is so very dark, it was hard to capture it in all it's hooky glory.

If you want more craftiness... I'll meet you over here.

Wednesday 2 March 2011

wednesday colour...

A little colour to brighten your week.

Tuesday 1 March 2011

hello autumn...

Autumn is officially here, it feels like it has been autumn all summer (it's even felt like winter, ugh). I must say that this is my favourite time of year in victoria. There's obvious change happening all around us, hints of winter are sneaking in & if it were a normal year... the temperature would be just lovely. Camelias are budding, leaves are browning, chestnuts are ripening & the days are starting to shorten.
This weeks weather is turning into milo by the fire weather. It's so blustery & wet, all I want is to sit fireside under a blanket with a spot of crochet. Aaaah, bliss.
I've been mucking about with the camera on manual setting, trying new things & vaguely rembering all that was learnt many moons ago. I had a bit of fun in the garden yesterday, here are some shots. I like their fuzziness & grainy texture, almost looks like they've been painted.

I'm off to rustle up some energy to cook dinner... it's been a long day in Huckle land & mama is ka-put. It may very well be eggs on toast. Who doesn't love breakfast for dinner?