Wednesday 28 September 2011

far north queensland :: the tablelands...

We're back from our little adventure up north & are slowly falling back into the rhythm of home life. Huckle & I had such a fun time with Nanna & Grandad (my folks). We spent our days seeing the sights, swimming, eating & generally lazing about & relaxing. 
Huckle decided that 4am was an awesome time to wake up (almost every morning) & I did my best not to go completely crazy. I did manage a few afternoon catch up naps on the couch, whilst Huckle was entertained (thanks Mum & Dad). So thankfully some sanity is still intact.
It was quite amazing to watch Huckle learn new things while we were away. New words, animal sounds, gestures & new forms of communication, like nodding. My little baby is changing before my eyes, he's turning into a little boy! 
Here are some pics of our adventures. These were all taken up on the tablelands, a thousand odd metres above sea level. I've never been to Cairns before (even though I spent two thirds of my life in Queensland) & I was captivated by just how different this region is to where I live now. What an amazing country we live in. I'm really itching to see more of it.
Learning to climb with Grandad, with support from Mama
Cuddles with Nanny & Grandad (who likes to pull silly faces)
Giving a 2 tonne Rhino a scratch at the Safari Zoo
At Gallo Dairy
Millaa Millaa Falls & a very big Curtain Fig Tree

Wednesday 14 September 2011

wednesday colour

A little colour to brighten your week.
Our weeping mulberry is beginning to shoot. Each year it gifts us a small bowl full of delicious berries. The rich red in the background is blurred pavers. Don't they bring a lovely autumn feel to the photo.
Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday 13 September 2011

gathering my thoughts...

The past few days have been crazy hectic, trying to catch my tail before I run off to Queensland. I have lists coming out of my ears to try & tame the chaos. Here's the inventory
:: packing list ::
:: S & K to do list ::
:: freezer meals to make list (so the husband doesn't just eat pizza & pasta for 10 days) ::
:: people I need to call/email list ::
:: shopping list ::
:: things to sew list (this one has been thrown out the window... who am I kidding?!) ::
:: a cleaning list (again, who am I kidding?!) ::
:: clothes to wash list ::
Some may call me highly organised, others may decide the term is neurotic. I don't mind either way. The lists really may not even be helping, but at least I have a piece of paper where I have gathered my thoughts so when I really do go off the rails I'll still know how many pairs of underwear to pack. 
I think Huckle is feeding off my crazy listing & busyness, he has gone wild the past few days. Climbing chairs, standing atop his wheelybug to clamber over gate, pulling out the entire contents of my freezer, & the entire contents of all drawers & cupboards within reach, whilst pouring frozen peas into a cup & asking for milk in his bowl, all while I'm trying to cook (& not burn) dinner. CA-RAZY town. I think today alone, I have had 180 mini pretend heart attacks. I just need to lie down for a while... a long while! 
My posting will most likely be sporadic for the next few weeks, while I soak up some warmth & serenity.
The photos have not relevence to this post at all. Although they do envoke a serene feeling when I look at them. Aaah, serenity. Rolling hills & golden sun how thee calm me.

Thursday 8 September 2011

my creative space...

Well, I have to say there has been absolutely NO sewing here this week. I'm not very impressed, but there's been so much going on I just haven't had the time or the energy. 
There's still another week before FNQ, let's see what comes of it.
The craftiest thing I've managed this week was a collage with Huckle. The lucky little man received a sweet Belle & Boo dinner set to eat from & the box was too cute not to keep. He grew quite fond of it & loved finding the animals, so we cut them out & stuck 'em down. 
It is very rough, but that's what you get when there's a 16 month old squatting in the middle of your work. Huckle contributed too, can you see the light scribbles here & there?
Who doesn't love a bit of kiddy craft?
Pop over here if you're looking for some super crafty craft. 
My favourites this week are

Wednesday 7 September 2011

wednesday colour...

A little colour to brighten your week.
A little snapshot from 6:30 this morning. 
I was up before the little man & was out before the rain came. 
Standing under the tea trees, I gazed through my half open eyes at the beauty of the morning. The sun crept over the hills & cast a gentle glow over the endless green. 
Every colour you could ever imagine, nature gives to us. It all changes with the ever changing light of the sun. From the softest pastels in a sunrise, to the brightest neons in a summer sunset, the moody shades as night sets & the bold of hues of noon. 
I'm so entranced by colour, I love it. I love capturing it through photography, studying it & creating little palettes. They inspire many other parts of my work. I hope they inspire you too.

Monday 5 September 2011

a most handsome sideboard...

Our latest piece is this most handsome sideboard & it's ready to find a lovely new home.
Thank you all for your encouragement to shoot it outside. We didn't quite make it out into the paddock (it is a heavy fellow), but we did manage to get it overlooking the Farmer Mick's paddock.
As well as consulting with the whole process, I had my own little part to do. Can you tell what it was? Do you see that gorgeous vintage wallpaper lining the drawers? I love putting individual touches on things, you know that no one else will own a piece like it. 
Pop over to the S & K website to see more.
Happy Monday!

Sunday 4 September 2011

father's day...

Just look at these two. My heart melts whenever I see them together. I can't wait to watch their special bond grow as the years pass. Getting up to mischief together, building forts, climbing trees, gardening in the vegie patch, playing the drums & guitar. Huckle has a life of wonder ahead of him & I know Samuel will be by his side gently guiding him.
Happy Father's day dear husband.
Happy Father's day also to my Dad.
The man who taught me how to catch a ball, play cricket & how to be absolutely ridiculous. He's a funny, silly, naughty man who's always getting himself into trouble... ANTHONY!!!
I hope you're all having a lovely restful Sunday. 

Thursday 1 September 2011

my creative space...

I'm officially on a mission. My shoulder op is a month away & after that sewing is going to be a tad difficult for a while. So, my mission is to sew like a woman possessed & crank out as much as possible in the next four weeks. Huckle & I are off to far north Queensland soon, for 10 days. That throws a little spanner in my mission. I might steal some time at my Mum's machine to make up for lost hours. 
I've got the ball rolling already & I'm off to a flying start. If you read this post, you may have noticed how dapper Huckle looked in his plaid shorts & bucket hat. For the curious, the shorts are from the made flat front pant tutorial & the hat is from the Oliver & S book. The latest additions are a hoodie, using the Urban hoodie pattern & a backpack also from the Oliver & S book.
Huckle was so chuffed with his new get-up. As I put the backpack on him, he called out for Dada to have a look. He stamped about with such excitement, pointing & squealing away. It was such a sweet moment. I soaked it all up, as I know he won't let me dress him forever.
All of these patterns have been well written & easy to follow. I pushed myself a little & learnt some new skills along the way. Both have been made with fabric from the stash. I love having a stash to choose from. The hoodie used up some cheap knit offcuts that I purchased from the local sewing store a while back. I think they were less than $2 a piece from memory. The backpack was made from a vintage bed throw I discovered way back when & it's lined with red honeycomb left over from my nephew's quilt.
Seriously, how cute is this backpack?!? I only wish I'd added some interfacing to keep it's shape better. It's so cute, I might have to make another. 
There's something else I've made too... well ok I helped with a tiny part. You'll have to wait until I photograph it though. 
That brings me to something else... do you think it would be odd if I photographed our next piece of furniture in the paddock? You see it's quite large & we don't have a suitable wall to shoot it against inside. I'm thinking that we can pull it off, but maybe it would look strange. Thoughts?
We're off up town for treatment today. 
I hope your day is lovely.
I'm joining in with these crafty chicks.