Thursday 3 May 2012


Yes. I am completely mad.
Today I am 38 weeks pregnant.
We're moving house. And I&E studio. And a mechanics workshop. And our small fleet of vintage cars (six. not counting the one we're getting rid of, or the one in melbourne, or the daily driver, or the ones that aren't ours. ok, so maybe that's nine... or ten).
Told you I was mad.
Things will be a bit quiet on the blog for a while. Understandably.
Here's the only photo I've managed in the past few days. 
A tiny portion of jars from my pantry lining up two by two.
I'm off to pack more boxes, while the darling husband ferries another load to the new house.
I hope this baby stays in for at least one more week.
Wish me luck.
See you soon.

Tuesday 1 May 2012

a trip to the zoo...

We took our happy birthday boy to the zoo on saturday. 
We ate our picnic lunch upon the lawn and treated ourselves to icecream. 
There were gorillas and elephants and lions and butterflies.... and so much more to see.
Huckle was in awe of most animals and often stood staring, a bit speechless at times.
What a wonderful world it is when you're two. There is so much to discover.