Tuesday 1 November 2011

hello there, it's been a while...

Apologies for my long absence, life is really throwing quite a lot at us at the moment. Along with not being able to find the time to blog, I just haven't been able to find the right words to express all that is happening. I'm sure the words will come eventually, but right now I'm just processing everything and trying to be the best Mama and Wifey to look after my boys.
A few lovely folk (Hello Peter! Hello Alison!) have requested some action, so I thought I'd put up these pics from a date I had with my little man last week. There's a letter to go with it too.
I hope you are all well and happy. I'll be sure to return to my usual blogging self soon.
Dear Huckle,
Today I was a very tired Mama and I was struggling to come up with to cook for dinner. You were restless and needing my attention. So I devised a plan to drive to San Remo to have fish and chips by the shore and watch the pelicans. I bundled you up, jumped in the car and we hot-footed it to the shore. 
Only to discover the fish & chip shop was closed and there wasn't a pelican in sight! 
We strolled up the street searching for a worthy alternative and decided that Thai sounded like it could do the trick for a hungry Mama and Huckle. You sat on a big chair and sipped your water from a big cup. We munched on prawn crackers (which you loved) while we waited for our dumplings and fried rice. You gobbled up the rice with a big spoon. Such a dear little fellow you were, with lovely manners sitting nicely upon your chair. I felt so proud to be your Mama.
After dinner we played in the park, where you insisted on climbing the big rope ladder. The sun was shining as you scrambled about through tunnels and down slides.
Thank you for a most perfect afternoon.
All my love 
Mama xxx