Friday 31 May 2013

leaving this place...

We're a week off handing back the keys and heading into limbo (more on that later).
Most of our belongings have been sold or found their way to various places for storage. The chaos of moving house is overwhelming... boxes upon boxes, muddy footprints from the constant trips to the trailer... I long for it all to be over.
Wanda bus has been patiently waiting for our attention, I'm excited to get back to work on her when the move is all done. 

We were never going to stay long in this house, it was always meant to be a stepping stone. Looking back at our year here, I'm remembering the good things. The simple things that have got me through the hard moments and the tired days of being a mama of two.

:: the lighting of beeswax candles in the evenings ::
:: the many batches of bikkies baked ::
:: the many flowers picked from the garden ::
:: the bounty we picked from our humble vegie patch ::
:: the cows over the back fence ::
:: the glorious sunrises and sunsets ::
:: the make do summer shade of sheets over the hills hoist ::

They are the everyday humble things that with repetition over time, become significant.
Don't you think?
What do you remember most from the past year in your home?

I'm off to the land of nod to rest my lifting muscles. zzz

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Susan said...

I've been wondering how it was all going. Packing up for a move is such hard work. Looking forward to seeing the bus progress!